Karališkieji Dogai
Royal Great Dane



Mano protėviai Kunigaikščiai Giedraičiai augino šunis.

Tęsdamas Jų tradicijas kartu su broliu namuose auginame ir veisiame rudus, tigrinius ir mėlynuosius Vokiečių dogus.

2002 mano brolis man padovanojo tigrinę Vokiečių dogų kalytę Heterą iš veislyno ,,Nuo Gražučių“. 2 tigrines kalytes ZEFYRĄ KARALIŠKĄJĄ, JEKATERINĄ KARALIŠKĄJĄ, vieną rudą kalytę GIEDRAITYTĘ des Terres de la Rairie, vieną mėlyną patinėlį BLING BLING KARALIŠKĄJĮ.

2010.06.23 mūsų veislyne gimė 5 patinėliai (2 tigriniai ir 3 rudi) ir 2 kalytės (1 tigrinė ir 1 ruda)

Vytautas Giedraitis, Esq ir Rimantas Giedraitis, Esq


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How to train a German Great Dane

Great Dane is a special race of dogs that are big in dimension but gentle animals as far as their behavior around familiar people is concerned. Once you get to know these big furry dogs, you will immediately fall in love with them and want to keep them close to you for as long as possible. The real trick when it comes to pets and sharing your living space with them is to train them to behave properly indoors. This way, you and your new friends might be able to live together in perfect conditions, the same way any beautiful escort does with her lovely pet.

Great Dane dogs can be trained if you invest some time and efforts in the process. Moreover, the training results you can achieve will amaze you over time and you will discover a new world in which you and your furry German friend will have a great time together. Gorgeous ladies from the Escort Directory at know this best because they are great animal lovers. Furthermore, they have tried it all to ensure perfect living conditions for themselves and their lovely dogs under the same roof. They have managed to train their imposing friends and now have the best time together every time they are at home.

German Great Dane: gentle dogs with an intimidating appearance

German Great Dane is a race of huge dogs that feature a physical appearance which is typically enough to scare any burglars away. However, these animals are gentle in behavior with people they share a home with, especially with the children. Therefore, it is perfectly safe for you as well as for any gorgeous escort to share your home with them. They make a great companion for those who want to feel safe indoors and around their house and for those who wish to share the joy of having a trustworthy, lovely pet in their life.

All you need to know to be able to engage in a successful training session with your Great Dane dog is that mutual trust is very important during this process. Your pet needs to learn to respect you rather than fear you in any way so that the communication system you establish might prove to be effective. You can discover such inside secrets from gorgeous escorts who have been down this road already and who have taught their dogs everything they need to know to feature the best behavior that any pet could feature.

Small yet important tips to consider when training your pet

By following several small yet important tips and tricks during the basic training stage, you can manage to achieve great results over time. The first important aspect to keep in mind is to start training your pet from a very early age, the same way beautiful escorts do. At that age, Great Dane dogs will be easier to train because they have an innate need to please. Also, the earlier you start, the easier things will become for you as the dog grows because good behavior will be his new acquired asset.

One of the most important aspects that magnificent escorts have discovered during their dog training sessions is that it is easier for your little pet friend to acquire new commands at an early age. Good behavior is thus gradually built and it will help the animal learn more and more systematically, as it grows older and starts getting bigger in size.

Moreover, the golden rule that any beautiful escort will let you know is never to beat your dog or punish him verbally. Such measures are never helpful and could only lead to the development of an unwanted distance between you two rather than the connection you were looking for. Your dog should never fear you but rather feel safe around you and eager to listen to your friendly commands. This way, no frustration will find place in its life or yours and you two will live a happy, peaceful life in perfect harmony.