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Are you one of the thousand animal lovers who plan on spending their life in the company of a great dog as their favorite pet? Then you might have started doing our research on breeds to see which might be most suitable for you according to your living conditions and personality. Today we recommend you to consider German Great Dane dogs because they have a lot to offer both in terms of appearance and safety features as well as the way in which they bond with adults and children. Let’s discover more about these amazing furry pets below.


German Great Dane: a large and noble breed to consider

If you have seen a German Great Dane, you have noticed his imposing appearance which makes this lovely, furry animal your perfect guardian around the house. However, as imposing as they might seem, these dogs are the most loving and gentle big animals that you have ever met. Once you have earned their trust and respect, they will become your best friend for a very long time.

This breed is considered the Apollo of dogs given the great place held in the animal world in terms of stature. Although you might have the tendency to fear these dogs when you first see them, you should know that these are in fact one of the best natured dogs in the world. Moreover, these are also among those breeds that are easy to train as long as you invest some time and efforts into this process.

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Perfect dogs to have around once you train them

Furthermore, you should also know that a well-trained German Great Dane will become your best friend. Just remember never to punish it verbally or physically but rather focus on training your pet using positive strategies and rewards.

The earlier you start the training session, more chances you get of having an affectionate, sweet dog that will feature the best behavior in the world. Just enjoy your time with your new friend playing around and feeling the great connection between him and your children.

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